69. Sanitizer and pH Readings - Arctic Spas

69. Sanitizer and pH Readings

1.14.7 Sanitizer and pH Readings
The following provides guidance on the establishment and maintenance of sanitizer and pH readings.
Sanitizer Readings
You should have ORP sanitizer (Chlorine) readings within 24 hours.
24 hours post adding the salt to the spas water, My Arctic Spa will be able to provide accurate readings regarding the ORP sanitizer (chlorine) reading, and pH reading.
Important: Always check the pH and ORP (sanitizer) levels before each spa use.
If the pH reading is out of range (to high), adjust accordingly with Arctic Pure, Salt Water Balance
* Expect the pH too increase slowly over each week and when the pH gets too high use Arctic Pure, Salt Water Balance to correct it.
High pH will cause premature failure of the Spa Boy® Output Electrode, cloudy water, and decreased effectiveness of the sanitizer.