55. How Does Spa Boy Work? - Arctic Spas

55. How Does Spa Boy Work?

1.6 How Does Spa Boy Work?

• Consumer registers their spa on the My Arctic Spa web based after sales support system.

• Arctic Pure Natural Mineral Sea Salt Blend is added to the spas water when the spa has been filled with
water and water balanced.

• An ORP/pH probe is fixed into the foot well area of your spa, which sends a signal to the Spa Boy Generator and through the Spa Boy Communication Cable connects to the Global Eco PAK. The Global Eco PAK can then establish a two-way communication channel between the Global Eco PAK and myarcticspa.com

• Spa Boy data logs the spa water pH and ORP levels for the Technician to view..

• Spa Boy automatically produces and maintains sanitizer (Chlorine) within the specified ORP range (545-550mV).

• Spa Boy displays current ORP and pH levels of your spa
water within My Arctic Spa.

• As required the consumer adds the required amount of Arctic Pure Salt Water Balance to keep the pH within the required range.