Upgrades, Options, Add-Ons

Links to most of our options, upgrades, accessories and supplies can be found below. One of the best features of an Arctic Spa is that it can be upgraded with options on site after you have it installed. If you decide you want one of the options 1 or two years down the road you can have it added to your hot tub. If we invent a new option that you like you have that added too. More about that below.

If you have come here looking specifically for hot tub accessories like steps, lifters, etc then you might find it easier to browse those on this page.

*If you already own a spa, you might be looking for hot tub parts, which are this way →

*Almost ALL built in hot tub options can be added to Arctic Spas already installed at your home. We design our hot tubs to be up-gradable and future proof. The cost to add an option is only a bit more than when you purchase it factory installed (to account for the on site work needed to add it). This is a very good opportunity to get the very latest features that you may not have known about when you purchases your spa. In fact, the feature may not have been invented yet at that point! Most of the features that can be added are shown below. The latest and complete list is over here.


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