65. Program Filtration Cycles/Filtration Duration - Arctic Spas

65. Program Filtration Cycles/Filtration Duration

1.14.3 Program Filtration Cycles/Filtration Duration
The factory default filtration settings will automatically perform 4 x two-hour filtration cycles per day, 6 hours apart. Depending of bather load and spa usage it is suggested filtration settings can be changed to automatically perform 4 one- hour filtration cycles per day, 6 hours apart.
The system factory filtration settings can be adjusted by the consumer through:
• OnSpa power management using your device such as smart phone or tablet that has been connected to
your spa through WiFi. Refer OnSpa user Guide. (Pg.33)
• The topside controller low level programing. Refer Arctic Spas Quick Reference Card or Arctic Spas Owners Manual. (Pg.43)
1.14.4 Stabilize Spa Water
Before you attempt to balance the water, the water temperature must first reach a minimum temperature of 85°F, (29°C).
Note: Do not be tempted to use your spa at this time.
Step to Stabilize Spa Water
Step 1. Stabilize Spa Water
Once the spa has been filled with water, powered up and filtration requirements set, place the insulated cover on the spa and allow the water temperature to stabilize (approximately 16 hours). Make sure you secure the cover in place using the cover locks. Periodically check the spa water temperature.
When the water temperature climbs above 85°F, (29°C) proceed to the next step.
Note: As heat impacts both Calcium and Total Alkalinity a little, it is highly recommended to heat the water above 29°C (85°F) before advancing to Establishing Correct Water Chemistry.