Arctic Spas Manuals


47. Filtration settings

Filtration settings

Control panel showing a filter one settings

Modifying Schedules Filter 1 and Filter 2

To see and/or modify a Water Care category, use the light button to the right (button 1) to open the selected Water Care Menu. Use the arrow buttons to choose a schedule to modify (choice of economy and filter schedules). Use the light key to move between parameters. You have several possibilities for the schedule (Mon – Fri, weekends, every day, or single days). The schedule will be repeated every week. The time and duration are set in 30 minute increments. Once you have set the schedule, use button 1 to go back. Ensure that you have selected the desired Water Care option in the main Water Care menu.

 The filtration schedule shown on the screen will apply to the main filtration pump, most likely pump 1. In standard water care mode you can set the duration and start time for two filter cycles. To toggle between Filter cycle 1 and Filter cycle 2 use the up and down keys.