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Arctic Spas Manuals


45. Start up

Topside Control Panel – Start up


Topside functions


Power Up

The in.k500 topside does not store the time and date. When the in.k500 starts up after a power loss a message will prompt the user to reprogram the date and time.

NOTE: With the in.k500 equipped with a real time clock (RTC): If the power was lost for a few hours, this message will not appear.


Setting Key

One press gives you access to a menu to manage the setting of your spa. Refer to the setting section for details about the settings menu.


Audio Key (controls stereo)

The in.k500 can be used with the in.tune, or 2 audio systems. The Audio section in theSettings menu of an gives you the option to disconnect or unpair your Bluetooth enabled device when using the With version 7.00 and higher, it is also possible to select Source to use a device connected by auxiliary cable or Bluetooth wireless connection. The 2 Settings menu gives you a Source selector, a Bluetooth disconnect option, an On/Off switch and an audio control on fader, balance and subwoofer. For more information on audio functions, see the in.tune, or 2 operation section. The Audio option will only appear in the menu for keypads that are set up for an connection. The 2 is automatically detected at power-up.



Press any button to turn on the keypad. After 30 minutes without activity it will shut off.


Main Screen

The main screen gives you access to your accessories and water temperature. At the bottom of the screen, you will see any error or maintain messages that are present.


Start or Stop Accessories

To start or stop an accessory, press the associated button. Icons will be animated when their accessory is turned on, and inanimate when turned off. Icons on the screen will reflect the speed or state of the devices running on your spa. When an accessory has more than two states, press the button until it reaches the desired state.

Classic series control panel showing a water temperatire

Water Temperature

The temperature shown at the top of the screen is the current water temperature. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to set the desired temperature. The set point will appear in blue at the bottom. After 3 seconds without any change to the set temperature value, the keypad will resume the normal display of messages. When the set value is lower than the current temperature Cooling to xx.x will appear. When the set value is higher than the current temperature. Heating to xx.x will be indicated. Normally there is a short delay before the heating starts, during which Heating Suspended is indicated.

Classic series control panel showing a Water Care option under the Settings


From the home page you can access the settings where you will find:

• Water Care
• Audio (if installed)
• Maintenance
• Wi-Fi
• Restore
• Standby
• Date & Time
• Configuration
• About

 Use the arrow buttons to move UP and Down in the list. To select an option, press the light beside it. At any point, you can press the settings button to return to the home screen.

Classic series control panel showing Water care screen

Water Care

The water care section will help you set up your idea filtration and heating settings. Choose a mode depending on your need. Use the Light button to choose your setting. A checkmark will appear on the selected icon to confirm. In Economy Mode, the set point will be reduced by 20F which means that the heating system not be engaged unless the temperature falls to 20F below the spas set temperature.