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47. Filtration settings

Filtration settings

To access the filtration settings from your topside control panel select the settings button ink500 topside settings button. Using the light button ink500 topside light button, select water care. Use the ink500 topside less button button to scroll down to standard, press the light button to select then the Pump 1 ink500 topside pump1 button button to enter you filtration settings. From here you can adjust your “Day Settings” from everyday, weekday, weekends or specific days only. Once you have adjusted your Day Setting you can move to the start time setting using the light key. Choose the start time for your filtration to begin. Once desired start time is selected, use the light key to the duration category where you can choose how long your spa will filter for. Use the ink500 topside plus button and ink500 topside less button buttons to choose how long your filtration cycles will last. After all three parameters are set, press the light button, then the ink500 topside less button button to go to the filtration 2 settings. Adjust the Day, start and duration settings as desired and save your settings pressing the pump 1 button.