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How to download the Arctic Spas Phone App

Hey guys, I’m just going to show you a quick video on how to download the app. You need to go make sure you are connected to the internet and from the screen click on the app store: AppleAndroid.  Wait for that page to load. And then on the bottom you are going to want to click on search. Then up here, just type in… you can type in hot tub, you can type in Arctic Spas or just type in hot tub, and search.

And here we are. Four down at Arctic Spas, okay there it is. It tells you about the app and it’s free. So when you want to install it just click and on install. It’s going to ask you for your ID password so just type that in and it goes back to your home screen. You see waiting, loading and there it is. Installing, and now you have it.

Okay and I’ll show you how to actually connect to the spa in a different video.

Now you have demo mode and it lets you play around with the app, see what it’s all about.