Hot Tubs Engineered for the World’s Harshest Climates

6 Person Hot Tubs

Large Hot Tubs

For a truly large hot tub, check out our ‘All Weather Pool’ swim spa range. These are 8 foot by 14 foot totally self contained swim spas that are built to the same extreme standards as the Arctic Spas hot tubs. They are easy to install and can be enjoyed either hot or cool. These all weather pools are ready to use 365 days of the year. Work out, relax, or splash around: these pools are perfect for large groups or a solitary soak.


Side view of a Klondiker hot tubarcticspas klondiker sds

Capacity​: 6


Side view of a Tundra hot tub arcticspas tundra sds hot tub

Capacity: 7

What separates one of our 6 seat hot tubs or 5-6 person hot tubs from the competition?

Designed for toughness

How many 5 person or 6 person hot tubs can stay outside, all year round, even in a harsh winter climate? Arctic Spas hot tubs are made to take all Mother Nature has, and more.

A history of innovation

From top to bottom, a 5-6 person hot tub from Arctic Spas has made its mark on the industry. Our hot tubs boast super-rugged, install-and-forget Forever Floor™ designs, and our Mylovac® covers insulate your hot tub while shielding it from heavy snowfall, hail and practically everything else.

Custom craftsmanship

Every Arctic Spas 5-6 person hot tub is made with the artistry and expertise of master artisan builders. We love our products, and we appreciate our customers – it shows with each hot tub and spa we manufacture!

6 Person Hot Tubs

Arctic Spas Offers Exceptional Quality and Friendly Customer Service!

Your 6 person spa or 6 seat hot tub from Arctic Spas combines the most innovative construction techniques and ultra-easy maintenance that allows you to spend more time in your 6 person hot tub and less time worrying about everything. Thanks to tech-friendly innovations like Spa Boy®® water quality monitoring, OnSpa® WiFi connectivity and other advanced controls, there’s never a time when you’re NOT in complete control.

With an Arctic Spas 6 person spa or hot tub, you’ll enjoy added peace of mind with your investment. Our customer service team, technicians and other support staff are here to answer any questions you have and address all concerns. We view your purchase of our 5-6 person hot tubs as a long-term purchase, and we’re with you every step of the way!

If you’ve been considering putting the finishing touches on your leisure retreat, or if you’d like to add a relaxing lifestyle dynamic to your current home, take the next step today with a 5 person or 6 person hot tub from Arctic Spas. Download a brochure or stop by the nearest Arctic Spas store.

Friends chatting in a hot tub in winter.