Arctic Spa General Operation Instructions with video

Topside Controls & General Maintenance

So this is actually set up on an epic spa which is a five pump system. The control panel is the same although it does have the five pump buttons instead of the three. So pump one, is what does the heating and the filtering. So any time that it’s calling for heater and its filtration cycle, pump one is going to be running in the low-speed. If you press it again it will go to high-speed, and if you press it again, it will go back either to off or back to the low-speed. Pump two, three, four and five are all single speed pumps, and so it’s a simple just press it once to turn it on and press it again to turn it off.

Now the pumps will run for 20 minutes and then they’ll shut themselves off. So if you’re sitting in your tab for a while and everything shuts off, that’s exactly what’s happened. Now with the light button, each time you press the button and you turn it on and you turn it off, it progresses the lights to the next program. So a program is an individual color or a sequence where it will fade through the colors. So if you press it once, for example, you’ll see that the lights turn on to one specific color, you press it again to turn off and then you’ll press it again to turn it back on and it progresses to the next program. So press it off, turn it back on again and now this is cycling through the different colors. But that’s how you change the different colors on the light. It’s just pressing it off, waiting one second and then pressing it back on again.

So now we’re going to go over the settings button. On an epic series, it’s going to be pump number five. If you have up to three pumps, it’s still going to be in the same position but it’s going to be just labeled as the settings button right next to the temperature up button. So on an epic spa, you’re going to hold it down for five seconds. On any other spa, you just press it and then let off. So I’m going to hold this one down for five seconds, and you’ll see it comes up with the different settings that are available.

It will say set first. The first one on this particular tab is ON, that’s Onzen. You’ll also have an O3 if you have the Peak Ozone system. Now if it goes back to the temperature, we just didn’t move through them fast enough, so you just get back into that settings button again. FD stands for filtration duration, and that means that each filtration cycle’s going to last for two hours. The next one after that is called filtration frequency or FF and that one is the number of times per day that the filtration cycles will turn on.

So usually we have those set as Fd2 and then FF4. Once you press it again, it’s going to start that filtration cycle up again.

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