Spa Boy® by Arctic Spas - Basic Operation Tutorial

Spa Boy® – Operation and How It Works

I’m Christian Staples with Arctic Spas and today I wanna go over our new Onzen system called the Onzen Spa Boy®. So this is really the first automated water chemistry system for hot tubs out there. So we’ve taken our salt system that we’ve used for multiple years and now we’ve added automation to it. So we actually sense the water and adjust based on what the water actually needs, or in other words, based on your usage. So the more you use it, the more we need to have the salt system running. So with the Onzen system, that has the Spa Boy®, I’m goinng to go over the instructions that you need to do to be able to take care of the spa.

So now to start up your spa, the first thing that we’re gonna do is we wanna test your water. So you’re gonna take the Arctic Pure test strips, you’re gonna take and you just gonna dip it down into the water for about one second. Pull it up, it does take about 15 seconds to react and the main thing that we’re looking for is your pH level here. So we wanna have it at the bottom end of that “okay” range, so as close to 7.2 as possible. If your pH is at 7.5, what we wanna do is add a half a cap-full of the Adjust Down for regular hot tubs and if you have an all-weather pool, we want to add one and a half cap-fulls and that will bring it back down to that bottom end of that “okay” range. If it’s 7.8 or above, then you’re add a full cap-full of the Adjust Down for regular hot tubs or three cap-fulls for all-weather pools.

So the next thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add the salt to the water. So when you do your initial start up, for regular hot tubs you’re gonna add the full bucket. If you have an Arctic Fox, you’re gonna add three quarters of a bucket, and then if you have an Ocean or an all-weather pool, you’re gonna add four buckets of salt to the water. So any time you anything to the water you wanna make sure that the water’s circulating, so just turn on pump one and just have it circulating whenever you add anything to the water.

So now that we have the spa all up and running, what you’re gonna do on a weekly basis is the first thing that you wanna do is check your app. This will tell us, just as the test strips do, what is happening in the water as far as the water chemistry is concerned. So the first line tells us our sanitizer level and then our second line tells us the pH. So remember, the sanitizer level’s gonna be completely automated, the system will take care of itself on its own, and then the pH changes very, very slowly so whenever it gets high, we’ll want to make that adjustment. So once again, if you pH is in this caution range, we would actually want to add a half a cap-full of the Adjust Down to bring it back down or one and a half cap-fulls if you have an all-weather pool, and then if it’s in the high range, we’d actually wanna double that dosage to one cap-full for regular hot tubs and three cap-fulls of the Adjust Down for all-weather pools and that will just help bring it back down to that “okay” range. That’s really all you have to do on a weekly basis.

Now every month, we wanna add the Scale Free to the tub. This helps keep the salt cell clean. So on regular hot tubs, we’re gonna just take this cap off, you’re gonna fill this cap full. We’re gonna have one cap for a regular hot tub and three cap-fulls for an all-weather pool. Then every three months, what we’re gonna do is we wanna test two different things. We wanna test with our regular test strips and we wanna check for our pH, make sure that’s in line and make sure that our sanitizer level here is between one and three. Usually that’s where it needs to be. Then, the salt test strips, we wanna make sure that our salt level is 1500 to 1800, but we can go as high as 2400. Remember, the higher the salt level, the faster the reaction is that’s creating the sanitizer in your water. So if you’re having a hard time keeping up, just because of your usage, we can actually increase the salt and have it produce more sanitizer faster.

So let’s go over the process of testing for the salt. So usually what I do, is I just take the cap, and we want to get about an inch of water into that cap and then you’re gonna take one of the test strips and you just stand it up in that cap. Now it does take about three to four minutes to react, but what we wanna look for is this yellow line up at the top, to have it change to black. So once it is black all the way across, we know that that salt test is done and then we can look at the results.

So now one thing, if your water ever gets cloudy, what you wanna do is you wanna add some of the Boost. So for regular hot tubs, you would take a dosage that’s a half a cap-full, or for an all-weather pool, we would add a cap and a half. So you just take that half a cap-full and just broadcast it through the water, making sure that pump one is actually circulating so that the water is moving. The chlorine is gonna naturally dissipate within about 24 hours so just do it like when you got out of the water and then by the time you get in the next day, it’s gone again and back to just the regular salt system.

So remember, with the automated Onzen Spa Boy® system, it’s doing a lot of the work for you. We just wanna make sure that once a week, you check the app and you adjust the pH, if necessary. Once a month you’re gonna add a cap-full of the Scale Free or three cap-fulls if you have an all-weather pool, and then every three months, we’re gonna test for the salt and also double check with our test strips to make sure everything is in line. Then remember, if your water’s ever cloudy, to do an extra dosage of the Boost. I hope this video helps you to understand the Onzen Spa Boy® system better and I hope you enjoy your Arctic Spa. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

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