Refresh - Arctic Spas


After using your spa, organic contaminants such as perspiration, body oils, dirt, hair and cosmetics can build up in your spa and cause your water to become cloudy. The use of this product, Refresh, will oxidize out those organic contaminants. Refresh is a non-chlorine and non-bromine based oxidizing shock. It actually uses active oxygen as its active ingredient. By using refresh, will get rid of all this organic material, thus freeing up your sanitizer, chlorine or bromine, to do its most important job, which is disinfecting the water and killing any harmful bacteria.

This is called reducing the sanitizer demand. By using Refresh, you’ll be using less sanitizer, so putting less chlorine or less bromine into your spa, and it’ll..your water will be keeping a residual of that sanitizer in for a longer period of time. So Refresh, it’s an essential’s an essential product for any hot tub user. It’s compatible with bromine, chlorine, and salt systems, so it works with all products. It is pH neutral, so it does not affect your water balance.

So it’s a great product. It should be used in every hot tub, and it should be used as directed after every use of the hot tub to oxidize out any of those organic materials. And the use of this will cut down on your use of sanitizers, so it’s a great product for people that wanna use less bromine and/or less bromine in their hot tub. Essential product for any hot tub user.