How To Convert Tabbed Hot Tub Jets To Threaded Jets - video

How to convert Tabbed Jets to Threaded Jets

Today, we’re going to go over switching our jets from our tabbed style, which is the older style, to the new threaded style jet.

The tabbed style jets are the older style jets. That’s what these little two tabs are. This is what holds the jet into place. The new style is actually threaded rings that go around it so the jet threads into place and the threads hold the jet into place. All the Arctic Spa jets eventually are going to be switched over to the threaded style. So if you have the older style jets you’ll have to update the retaining ring in your jet body.

Basically this black ring is the retaining ring. You simply just remove the screws on each side and pull that out. Once you get the screws out, you take out the retaining ring and then put in the new threaded style retaining ring.

It only fits one way so make sure that you put it in on the right direction. There’s little grooves that it will fit into and then just replace the two screws. Once you put the screws in, then you’ll just take your jet and you just thread the jet into place. Once you feel it stop, you’ll have to twist it even farther and that will put it into the position where you can turn the jet on or off just by rotating the outer ring.

That’s pretty much all you have to do to replace a tabbed style jet with a threaded style jet. Now with the three inch style it’s exactly the same. You have a different retaining ring. You pull out the old retaining ring, put in the new retaining ring, and then simply just thread the jet into place as well.

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