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Filter Restore

All right, as you know, filtration is a very important part of keeping your water clean and safe. The filter’s gonna remove any dirt and debris that’s floating around in the spa, and a lot of things that you can’t even see, microscopic things. So a filter’s very important. But it’s also important to keep that filter clean. You don’t want it to get built up with debris and all the dirt and hair, and it’ll get all gunky with any oils that are in the water.

So you wanna keep that clean, keep your filter running at peak performance, and it’s also gonna reduce the sanitizer demand in the water, so you’re gonna use less chlorine or bromine, whatever sanitizer you’re using if your filters are clean, because that stuff’s gonna get used up trying to kill all the stuff that’s in the filter, so.

So, to clean your filter, you wanna use this product called Filter Restore. So this is gonna be your deep clean, once a month treatment to give that filter a good clean. So I’ll show you how it works. You get your filter out. The Filter Restore has a twin action formulation, so it’s gonna get rid of any grease buildup and any scale buildup that may happen from calcium staining. So before you use the Filter Restore, what you’re gonna wanna do is rinse out your filter. You’re gonna wanna get in between these pleats, try and get any visible debris that you can see and just rinse it out.

So what I like to do, just use your garden hose to rinse it out. I like to mount it…mount the filter on a stick, it makes it easier. This filter flosser, is what it’s called, mounts on your garden hose and it gives a nice, pressurized stream of water. It’s got about 12 pinholes here where the water’s gonna come out and it’s going to give it a good rinse. Eden, can you turn on the hose for me? That’ll work. So this, I like to mount it on a stick because it makes it easier to turn. This is gonna be pretty pressurized, so it’ll be hard if this wasn’t on the stick because it’ll be flying everywhere, so.

Little bit more, Eden, little bit more. So as you can see, water’s flowing through those pinholes, and that water’s gonna get right in between the pleats, give it a good rinse. You can see the stuff coming out already. Go up and down, get rid of any of the stuff that’s inside that filter. And it’s recommended you do this once a week, get rid of any of the debris. Don’t have to do the whole deep clean with Filter Restore, just give it a good rinse. So that’s good.

So then you wanna come over…when using Filter Restore, you’re gonna need a…it’s a soak, solution soak, so you’re gonna need a big bucket like this, something that’s gonna allow you to submerge the filter all the way in. Get my glove on here because it does have a corrosive warning sign on it. So for each soak you’re gonna need half a bottle of this Filter Restore. Pour that half bottle right in. Put your filter in. Careful buddy, that’s dangerous stuff. Put your filter right in.

So here’s the filter soaking, you wanna keep it as submerged as much as you can. And when you’re soaking this, keep it away from children and animals. It’s best to do this probably overnight for that 12 hour period. If it goes longer than 12 hours, it’s no big deal, but don’t keep it in there for more than 20 hours or so, because then it might start breaking down the filter a bit, so. After 12 hours, give it a rinse, put it back in the tub, and you got a nice, clean filter.