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Indoor Swimming Pools

Installing an indoor swimming pool just got easier. The Arctic Ocean™ swim spa by Arctic Spas™ is a 14-foot self-contained pool with all of the features of traditional indoor swimming pools as well as luxurious spa features. Since it is self-contained all of the equipment is housed within the pool cabinet instead of in a separate room.

Premium brand swim spas are an excellent alternative to traditional indoor swimming pools because they offer all of the added benefits of a hot tub in the same unit without losing any of the swimming functions. Two different swimming systems provide intermediate and advanced swimmers resistance suited to their ability.

Family having fun it an Indoor swimming pool
Indoor swim spa

Small Swimming Pools

Swim spas are also becoming very popular with people looking for small swimming pools. A swim spa is a small swimming pool, but with all of the hot tub benefits built in. Counter-current or tether style swim systems provide advanced swimming capabilities and traditional hot tub components provide therapy and relaxation. Premium brands can be installed indoors or outdoors and enjoyed all year round.

The Arctic Spas™ brand swim spa is a premium brand swim spa that has numerous advantages over traditional small swimming pools. The best place to start learning more about the Arctic Spas brand swim spa models, features and prices is here on the ‘swim spas‘ page.