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Indoor Hot Tubs

Arctic Spas specializes in outdoor hot tubs but they can be installed indoor as well.  In fact, all outdoor models can be installed in your home but some models are more suitable.  Some hot tub features are not necessary on indoor hot tubs, such as a 5-inch cover, insulated floor, and extreme cabinet insulation.

An indoor spa or hot tub can be perfect for a condo, apartment, or for extra convenience. We have several models to choose from that are perfectly suited for indoor installation. The Mesa in the Coyote Spas brand, and the Arctic Fox in the Arctic Spas brand are popular indoor hot tub models.

Arctic Spas hot tub inside a room

Indoor Spa Design Considerations

Here are a few things worth considering regarding indoor spa design:


Utilize a corner if possible. A spa tucked into a corner uses much less space than one out in the open.


Plan for increased humidity. Add an extraction fan to the room to eliminate the moisture that is released when the spa is being used. (This is not an issue when the cover is on)


Choose a small model. Hot tubs always look smaller in a large room (like a store showroom). The Arctic Fox in the Arctic brand and the Mesa in the Coyote brand are the most popular for indoor spa designs.