Your Guide To Hot Tub Maintenance

by Feb 9, 2023

Your Guide To Hot Tub Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your hot tub, there are certain rules every owner should know. This article will provide you with 3 rules that you should follow when it comes to your spa!


Good Circulation

To keep your spa free of contaminants, proper water circulation is a must. Water circulation helps sanitize by passing contaminants through your filters.

Your tub might have an automatic circulation schedule that runs once or twice a day depending on the model. If not, be sure to turn it on for 15 minutes a day to keep your water fresh.

Among the many benefits of owning an Arctic Spas® is that all of our spas contain High Efficiency Aquaflow Pumps! These pumps have a low-speed amp draw that rivals a circulation pump, but still move approximately 50 gal/min through the filters and allow for our Progressive “Smart” Filtration.

Not only will your tub have superior circulation, but with these energy-efficient pumps, your energy costs will remain low!


Cleaning Schedule

A regular cleaning schedule will not only keep your spa looking fresh, but it will also reduce scum build-up! If your tub is outdoors, debris and bugs can make their way onto, and into your tub.

Weekly cleaning with a sponge and some white vinegar works well to keep things like the outer shell and cover tidy. You can also use it to scrub away any buildup at the water’s edge.


Clean Your Filters

Filters are a vital part of maintaining your spa. They are constantly being used whenever your hot tub is running, and need to be cleaned to work properly.

With reusable filters, it is necessary to rinse the filter cartridges weekly. Every month, and each time the spa is drained for cleaning, clean the cartridges with a filter cleaner. With Arctic Spas® disposable filters, simply replace the cartridge whenever the spa is drained!


Draining Your Spa

Traditional spas recommend that your tub be drained three to four times per year. Through our commitment to being a leader in pursuing energy efficiency all of our models only need to be drained once a year!


Even better, with the addition of Spa Boy® our automated salt water care system, you’ll have an even more cost-effective and low-maintenance solution. Through a process of electrolysis, the saltwater recycles itself allowing you to save on the costs of chemical products while floating in water that feels silky smooth.

Spa Boy® allows you to perform routine maintenance on your hot tub or spa, wherever you happen to be – in the other room, across town, or on the other side of the world.

After you have read this article we hope that maintaining your spa will be a breeze! If you have just purchased your hot tub, it is a wise idea to familiarize yourself with it. Read the manual and understand how to operate it properly.

All of our models have easy-to-follow videos on our site. You can find them here. These videos will help you understand how to operate and maintain your new spa!