Update – 3 Simple Ways To Connect Your Spa To The Internet

by Mar 6, 2014

ethernet connection

This is a little item that takes all of the set-up and headache of doing a wireless network connection away.  Let me elaborate… there are now three ways to get your spa connected to the home network to be able to take full advantage of the app, web connect, and myarcticspa.com:

1.  Run a Cable from the home router out to the spa controller.  This would be the best but isn’t always practical.
2.  Connect the spa’s wifi to the customers home wifi.  This takes some set-up and patience.  Every customers home network is different so it can take a bit to get this part down pat.
3.  Use these “ethernet over power” modules.  This is just like running a cable only it sends the ethernet over the existing power lines in your house so you don’t actually have to run a cable.
The following video shows you how to complete the ‘ethernet over power’ method.

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