Tween Girl Hot Tub Parties

by Feb 22, 2012

hot tub splash bomb

There is no doubt that tween girls enjoy texting and chatting on social networks with their friends. However, their absolute favorite activities include laughing and giggling, in person of course. Now add a hot tub to their most favorite things to do, and that’s where the squealing really begins.

Throwing tween hot tub parties has caught on in a big way. Slumber parties, birthday parties, youth groups and groups of school friends are all brimming with tween girls who have discovered just how much fun there is in having a spa party.


Tweens Just Want to Have Fun

These fun parties in hot tubs are geared towards the tween set by making the entertainment appropriate for their age and maturity levels. This includes:

  • Having hot tub games that keep the fun moving. Especially fun ones are waterproof checkers and Uno, and the popular water game, Splash Bomb.
  • Providing continually flowing snacks and drinks. The best party foods for hot tubs and swim spas are finger foods; chicken nuggets, chips, dip and cupcakes. This ensures that their fun is not interrupted and their energy levels are steadily fed.
  • Taking frequent breaks out of the tub to avoid overheating. During breaks, they can play other games or get refreshments.

For an all-girls spa party, include fruity fragrances or bubble wands so they can make and blow their own bubbles. For co-ed parties, cut out the fruitiness, keep the bubbles, and crank up some lively dance music in the background. The tweens will have a blast!

No Dull or Boring Parties

To leave a lasting impression with your tween’s hot tub party, limit the party time, but keep the intensity of the fun high during the entire evening. This is to make sure they all have a fun, safe night and to make them all want to come over and do it again.

Tweens are not (usually) hard to please, so just find out what kind of food, music and hot tub games they like, and let the hot tub party take care of itself! Parties in swim spas or hot tubs are never boring or dull because there are usually friends, a lot of laughter and socializing. For the average tween, it’s exactly the type of fun they can enjoy with friends.