The Hottest Hot Tub Party Fashions

by Oct 16, 2011

Friends relaxing in an arctic spas hot tub on patio

Hot Tub parties are all about relaxing and enjoying yourself. But it’s hard to relax when you don’t feel good about the way you look.

So what’s the solution? How about indulging in some of the latest hot tub fashions. You’ll look hot and feel like a million bucks, leaving you with nothing to do except relax and enjoy the water.

The Latest Hot Tub Fashions for Women

Don’t think keeping up with the latest swimsuit fashions means having only one style to choose from.  The monokini (a bikini with a small piece of fabric connecting the top and bottom) is a hot option in virtually any print or color.

If you choose a one-piece, look for something in a fashionable retro cut. That’s right: strapless, boy-bottoms, and sharp v-cuts are hot, hot, hot! And if you’ve always wanted to wear a bikini but hate the skimpy bottoms, you’ll love the latest trend.

Hi-cut and boy bottoms are all the rage. So if you have a mommy-tummy or a generous thigh-to-butt ratio, you’ll be able to hide them and still look chic. Just get rid of the straps! (Or look for something that ties at the sides.)

Solid colours are always in style, but don’t’ be afraid to get adventurous. Tropical prints are stylish in any cut. And don’t forget retro prints such as large polka dots, which will make you the fashion princess at the party.

Need some accessories? Look for a sundress or sarong in a totally different pattern. Scarves are great for keeping your hair back while still giving your head a chance to breathe. Sunglasses are a must if the sun is still up, and don’t forget some strappy sandals to wear between the hot tub and the house.

The Latest Men’s Hot Tub Fashions

Like women’s fashions, pretty much anything goes for men. Bold solids and Hawaiian prints are both huge hits at hot tub parties no matter what time of year it is. The only real trend to keep an eye on is length.

Yes, the long, baggy, board shorts of the past few years are quickly disappearing, and everything is getting shorter. Retro volleyball-length shorts are definitely huge hits. Add a pair of loafers and a Hawaiian shirt, and you’ll be the best-dressed guy there.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about hot tub party fashions is comfort. No matter what you wear, make sure you’re comfortable and can cover up as needed. This will give you the confidence to pull the look off, while still having fun and feeling relaxed for the evening.