Hot Tubs Engineered for the World’s Harshest Climates

Dear Arctic Spas,

I purchased my Ocean from Barb Shopf at Integrity Pools  in September of 2013. I can not tell you how pleased I am with my Swim Spa. When I began my search of swim spas it was to elevate my back pain & have another source of exercise other than running which I have done for 25 years. My doctor said swimming would be the best option but I knew to get a membership at the local pool would not work. I would not get in my car & drive to swim.  My time is too important to me.  Well let me tell you I have never had such strength & mobility and have been free of ALL back pain.

I was quite worried about the ability to keep the spa cool enough to swim in.  Knowing that this is a Hot Tub I couldn’t imagine lowering the temperature enough to safely swim. I am soo pleased with my swim temperature of 86-87 Monday-Friday to swim everyday  & then my Hot Tub temp of 100 over the weekend for therapy & relaxation.  The winter of 2014 has proven to be one for the record books & Im proud to say that the 5 degree temps didn’t keep me from my exercise!!  I keep telling my husband if I love this spa as much in the middle of summer as I have in the middle of the coldest winters I will be one CRAZY happy woman!!

Thank you thank you to Barb & everyone at Integrity pools, what a great help they have been. I was very concerned about being able to care for the chemical levels in the spa. The professionals at Integrity  have walked me thru the learning curve of proper spa maintenance.  After  3 months I can say that I feel confident in my ability to do this & If I can do it anyone can!!  I even had Matt, the service technican on the phone one evening at 10:30 pm, when I came home & found my lights flashing & a code I didn’t understand showing on the screen. Matt walked us thru the slight adjustment needed on the  spa to correct the problem.  What other company has technicians available for calls in the middle of the night!!

During my research phase of my purchase, I called another local dealer to see if I could try the Michael Phelps swim spa.  They told me they couldn’t fill the spa for me to try unless I was committed to buy it. What a joke,, how can I commit to buying something UNTIL I try it. Of course Integrity pools welcomed me to swim & I did for 4 days straight. It took me only 15 minutes to KNOW I would love swimming in the Ocean Swim Spa. I found  the tether is my favorite way to swim. I don’t use any jets & I feel like Im swimming in open water without ever having to stop & change directions!! My husband who hate to exercise is also swimming & loving it. He uses the tether & the jets to make the work out harder.

The efficiency of the spa has been very impressive & its been hard  to notice a huge difference on our electric bills. We felt like the estimate given to us when we purchased the spa of $60 a month is very reasonable. Even in this horrible snowy cold winter!! Haha

I would encourage anyone who has the desire for a life changing purchase to check out Artic Spas. I had the choice of a new car or a swim spa & I will Never regret keeping my 2005 mini van & opting for the Swim Spa! Every time I use it I feel like I’m on some fabulous vacation and it’s in my own back yard!!  My favorite part is doing the back stroke & looking up in the sky & watching the planes go by. Trully amazing!!  Thank you Arctic for making a quality product that Im happy to recommend to anyone!!

Sharon U