Switching Jets - Arctic Spas

Switching Jets

Speaker: So, today we’re gonna go over switching our jets from our tab style, which is the older style, to the new threaded style jets. So, what I’m referring to is, on the back of the jet, the old style has these two little tabs that hold it into place, and that’s what holds the jet from popping out. And on the new style jet, it’s actually threaded, so it has these rings of thread that go around the jet that hold that into place.

So your jet body that’s in the spa, this is actually embedded into the spa. There’s two screws that hold the retaining ring. This is a retaining ring. It’s right inside there. So you basically just take a screwdriver, you’re gonna screw out those two screws, pull out that retaining ring, and if you look here, we’ve removed the screws, but you can pull out the old retaining ring. You’re gonna put in the new retaining ring, and it only fits in one way, and then you add the screws back in, and screw those back in. Then, you take your jet, and you simply just thread the jet into place. Once you feel it stop, that is actually where the jet will turn on and off, so you have to go a little bit beyond that, and then you can turn the jet on and off, and that’s where it’s fully installed, exactly how you want it.

So, the same works for the three-inch jets. You have the retaining ring here. Swap out the retaining ring, and then once you thread it in, it will work out the same way.

So, all the jets with Arctic Spas are going to be switched over to the threaded style, so eventually, if you replace your jet, you might have to replace your retaining ring if you don’t have the threaded style.