- Tutorial For Arctic Spa Owners with Video

My Arctic Spa – Internet Control Portal For Arctic Spas is a website that is exclusive to Arctic Spas and Eco Pack. This website, if installed, allows you to connect your hot tub to the Internet, permitting you to control functions through the web, which is easier than using the top side control, which means you can relax more in your spa. Using this website, you can control the spa temperature, turn pumps on and off and adjust the Onzen levels. Just a few luxuries of Have a second home or cabin? My Arctic Spa allows you to manage your hot tub remotely, turning the tub on when you’re en route to the home and off when you’re away.

Settings: Using, you can control various items through the setting tab; filtration, Onzen, peak ozone, power management and firmware upgrade.

Filtration: The filtration setting allows you to monitor the number of hours a the day your spa will run on the filtration cycle, which is completely adjustable to your personal use. It can also display the current filtration status of your hot tub.

Onzen: Onzen is exclusive to Arctic Spas and is a proprietary salt water system. You can control the number of hours per day after 24 hours that the onzen filtration system will operate in your tub. It can also display the current onzen status of your hot tub.

Peak II Ozone: Peak II Ozone is an advanced water purification system. You can control the number of hours per day, up to 24 hours, that the Peak II Ozone system will operate in your tub. It’s a good idea to run this system for a few extra hours after the spa has been heavily used, of which you can control remotely through

Power Management: Power management allows you to tell the spa what to run and when, including the heater, filter, and ozone. This feature is particularly useful in areas that charge higher electricity rates at peak hours of the day.

Utilizing the Peak Management feature, you can program each day of the week accordingly to adjust what functions you want to run in peak and mid-peak times, then click Save. You can program which times throughout the day you want in the Off-peak, Mid-peak and Peak categories. Once you adjust your desired times, click Save.

Firmware upgrade: The firmware upgrade feature allows you to upgrade your spa’s firmware when there are new upgrades from Arctic Spas. You just come here and check if there is an update. If there is an upgrade available, the newest available version will be displayed, click on Update and leave your browser open to update your spa.

Documentation: All the documents that are specific to your spa and the options that you have installed are here in one place. The Owner’s Manual is also included. This shows you everything you need to know about your spa. You can also refer to the Quick Reference Card for questions about your spa. Click on it, expand it, and see in Overview of your spa’s main functions in operations.

Error Codes: This feature allows you to research error codes that your spa may be displaying, allowing you to troubleshoot before calling for service. Here are some of the main error codes, each provides you a description of the error and possible causes and solutions to the problem, preventing unnecessary service calls.

Profile: Your profile is your user information for the website. Additionally, under profile, you need to register your actual Arctic Spa to, allowing you to control your spa remotely from the Internet.

Diagnostics: Under Diagnostics is a new product coming out soon called Spa Boy®, an automated water chemistry feature. It manages your spa for you, making water chemistry easy, and it can be maintained remotely through These display the performance of your spa showing all aspects of spa operation, allowing you or the service tech to see PH and ORP and your Sanitation balance to quickly assist in troubleshooting.

Power Consumption: Power consumption shows you the efficiency of your spa. Type in the cost of electricity you pay per kilowatt hour, and it does the math to show you exactly how much it is costing you to operate your spa per day. You can view the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days. When viewing the spa Consumption Chart, the peaks are when the spa is running and the little ones would be the filtration cycles. is a great tool to utilize and is changing the landscape of spa maintenance and operation.

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