How to use Linksys Router to connect hot tub to home network

How to use Linksys Router to connect hot tub to home network

All right, we are going to go through the router settings for a Linksys. If you have a Linksys for your home router and you’re trying to get your spa to log into a Linksys home router. So we’ll come up here to my wireless and I’m going to join Linksys right here. It’s the D router. Then I am going to open a web browser and type into the address bar and it is going to ask you for a name and password. This is not the wireless name and password. It comes as a default as admin, so if you haven’t changed it, it will be admin and then the password will be the same admin. And if that was right it’s going to open up your router settings page.

And we just have to verify a couple of settings. So this is what it should look like. Go to wireless and you’re going to want to make sure that your wireless network mode is on mixed. Those are your options there. B-only, G-only. Make sure you are on mixed. Your wireless network name this is what you see when you are searching for it. Here it’s Linksys it can be whatever you want. It does not matter. You just want to make sure that there is no spaces. So for instance, if I put Linksys space test the spa is going to have a hard time knowing what that is. And also, you don’t want to put any special characters like a pound sign or a dash. Alphanumeric is best.

Okay? So letters or numbers you can put DaveSpa21 or anything like that. I’ll just leave it as Linksystest. I’ll change it to Linksystest and wireless channel. This one is important. You want to make sure this one is set to six. From one to 11 make sure you are on six. And the broadcast, this just means you want to broadcast so anybody can see. Leave that and just save those settings. And now I change the SSID so it’s going to log into that new one. Just wait for it to come up here.

There it is Linksystest. Okay and we are back here and then wireless security. You can set this. Again you have a choice, it’s personal preference but you can disable it meaning anybody can log on with no password. You can use WPA personal, WPA2 personal or WEP just don’t use enterprise or radius. Okay, so this on WPA2 personal.

You are just going to want to remember what you set this to because you are going to have to input that into the app settings. Okay so this is on WPA2 personal. Algorithms. Again, it doesn’t really matter. You can use EAS or both. Set to both. This is my password, global spa. And that’s it. So, just remember that, remember your password and you will be able to get your spa to log in.

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