How to install hot tub speakers - Wet Tunes - with video

How to install hot tub speakers Arctic Wet Tunes system

What we’re going to be hooking up right now is Wet Tunes. So we’re gonna drill out some wet tunes speakers and mount them on the lip. So, speaker in a box. Inside this box is a speaker and your plate. So you have your cosmetic cover plate. We’re gonna use that for finding where it’s going to sit. Now, if I can find a speaker. When you drill your holes for these, you’re going to drill a second hole for this. One hole for here, and another hole right there for your ejecting button. And this comes right down so right off the bat you want to notice if this is going to protrude down past the lip of the spa.

So when you’re set where you want it to go, you’re going to want to be in as far as you can towards the spa. Just so that you don’t end up hitting the inside of that lip and having to drill through it. Then you take your marker, you draw your circle. You draw your circle for that guy. Then you’re going to take a tape measure, which sitting at four inches across. So you go four inches across, find your spot, mark it at two inches. Come across this way, four inches across. Mark your two inch spot again. You have the center for this circle right here. You can pretty much eyeball it. We’re gonna take the drill and we’re gonna pilot out. You do not want to put excessive force and have the drill bit plunge through. You just barely want to make it through that acrylic and fiberglass. A twenty-five millimeter hole saw, or a one inch will work fine.

Now when you’re running through with the hole saw, you want to make sure that as soon as you get to the edge of that fiberglass that you stop. You don’t want to plunge through because you are going to have lines running underneath here and you want to repair as least as possible. Next hole-saw we’re going to use is the four and five-eighths, or if you’re running metric, it’s 117 mil. Again, don’t have excessive force, you can feel when you get through that fiberglass. You don’t want to end up plunging through anything. Now, what we’re going to do is trim away any excess of foam that is going to be in the way from the speaker.

So once we get all the foam cleaned out, and remove that hose out of the way. Because you’re gonna have your [inaudible 00:03:28] line running across there. We’re gonna do a quick little test fit, make sure everything sits nice. We’re alright, that all checks out. You’re going to remove the backing from the sticky tape and its probably in our best interest to have that wire ready to hang down. So we’re gonna set this down carefully. Do a test, you notice when you turn the speaker it does not go down. It has to be facing straight forward. We do a test, we know that works okay. Now we’re gonna pilot out the holes, this is a three-thirty second or a two and a half millimeter. Then we’re gonna take our Robertson bit, put it on the drill.

We’re gonna use the screws that are provided with the speaker. Okay, so you have those on. Then we’re going to grab our cosmetic plate. It just snaps down, and you’ll notice on the top it actually has an arrow that matches up with the speakers. So you know which way they’re supposed to be facing when you close it. So that’s up, if it’s over it’s not going to close. The arrows face each other. It’s going to function. Okay, so there’s the mounting of the speaker.

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