Bromine - Arctic Spas


The use of bromine provides an effective alternative to chlorine when disinfecting your hot tub water. Like chlorine, bromine does two things. It disinfects the water and kills any bacteria that are in the water, as well as it oxidizes out any organics that can be in the water. In Arctic Pure, we offer two types of bromine, bromine tablets and granular bromine Peak Boost.

The bromine tablets, just like chlorine tablets, offer a slow release of bromine into the water. The tablets are slow-dissolving, so they take up to a week sometimes for them to dissolve. The tablets are placed in a floating dispenser such as this, or in the skimmer basket, or if the hot tub does have a tablet feeder, they can go in there. It’s important to note that you do not want to mix chlorine and bromine tablets in the same feeder, basket, or dispenser. I would recommend that if you were to switch from tablet to tablet that you buy a new dispenser. It can be dangerous.

So, like chlorine, you want to keep the level of three to five parts per million bromine in the water. That’s gonna keep the water safe and clean. Bromine can be tested by a tester. You can test it at home with the testers. Give it a test. See where the level is at and adjust your level accordingly.

The granular provides an instant bromine residual in the water. Peak Boost is completely soluble, fast-dissolving, and as well it’s pH neutral, so it won’t affect your water balance. The pH will stay the same and the alkalinity will stay the same. So it’s a great product.

You can use both of these products on their own, or you can use them in conjunction. And I would recommend that. I would recommend using the tablets for that slow release and constant residual into the water. And use the peak boost as a shock when needed after heavy bather use, or if you test it and you see that the level is low, add Peak Boost to bring it up right away. With the tablets, just like chlorine tablets, they do have a low pH, so over time they will drive down the pH and drive down the alkalinity levels in the water. So it’s just something you have to watch. It doesn’t happen instantly. Because these are slow-dissolving, it happens slowly over time.

So bromine is a great alternative for disinfecting your water to chlorine. It’ll keep your water clean, clear, and safe.