Step In, Step Up, Step Out…of the Hot Tub

by Feb 10, 2012


From relaxing in the evening with your spouse to taking a few minutes to ease the pain of arthritis, and everything in between, a hot tub is more truly a family hub, a meeting place, a party place, a place of peace. Keeping the spa safe for everyone is often the only concern homeowners have. Luckily, by adding in a simple spa accessory, a set of steps, you can provide an added degree of safety for everyone.

hot tub steps

Step Up Safety

Unless you choose to install an in-ground spa, steps are a necessity. Hot tubs stand several feet high to allow for the large volume of water necessary for the spa. While it is technically possible for an adult to climb into a hot tub, it isn’t a safe maneuver, and children should never attempt to climb into the home spa without the assistance of safe steps.

Spa steps provide just the right amount of height to allow for an easy transition. Anti-slip coatings make them safe, even with wet feet. The steps are built for stability and security. Extra wide steps add additional safety, especially for little feet.

More Than a Step – It’s Built in Storage

Selecting upgraded storage steps provides the ideal place to store extra towels, sun block, or even a set of spa games like plastic cards or a floating chess table for family hot tub parties. Built of sturdy plastic, they are durable enough to protect whatever is stored from the elements.

Steps Don’t Have to be Simple – They’ve Got Style, Too

Stairs for hot tubs aren’t just a simple one-two step. Instead, they come in a variety of styles and finishes making it easy to create the look you want. Add in a half circle step for a touch of classic style. Simple gray-on-gray is contemporary and clean. Embossed plastic creates the look of wood grain or cut stone. Slatted stairs look like simple wooden country steps. Add in a matching towel rail or spa caddy to build the perfect spa setting. Any look is possible by adding in a pair of safety steps for the hot tub.

Safety for the home spa should always come first. A set of steps is the perfect way to combine form with function. Secure footing and an element of personal style make it easy to create a safe spa that represents your personal style.