1.6 How Does Spa Boy Work? - Arctic Spas

1.6 How Does Spa Boy Work?

  • Consumer registers their spa on the My Arctic Spa web based after sales support system.
  • Arctic Pure Natural Mineral Sea Salt Blend is added to the spas water when the spa has been filled with water and water balanced.
  • An ORP/pH probe fixed into the foot well area of your spa sends a signal to the Global Eco Pak through the Spa Boy Communication Cable. The Global Eco Pak then establishes a two-way communication channel between the Global Eco Pack and My Arctic Spa.
  • Spa Boy data logs the spa water pH and ORP levels.
  • Spa Boy automatically produces and maintains sanitizer (Chlorine) within the specified ORP range.
  • Spa Boy displays current ORP and pH levels of your spa water within My Arctic Spa.
  • As required the consumer adds the required amount of Arctic Pure Adjust Down to keep the pH within the required range.

1.6.1 Spa Boy System Interface
The following diagram reflects the Spa Boy System interface:

1.6.2 TERM Sap

The following table depicts the Spa Boy components referenced in this manual.

2011 Global Eco PAK

Spa Boy Generators

Spa Boy Output Electrode

Spa Boy Sensor

Spa Boy Niche

(Two piece the front section unscrews from the body section)

Spa Boy Electrode Housing

(Also known as Lippert Wallfitting threaded)

Spa Boy Housing Grating

(Also known as Lippert Grate Threaded)

Spa Boy Housing Plug

Spa Boy Communication Cable