1.13 Spa Boy Warranty - Arctic Spas

1.13 Spa Boy Warranty

Arctic Spas warrants the Spa Boy system against malfunctions due to defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years from the original date of delivery to the original customer on factory installed systems, except the user replaceable Spa Boy Electrode which needs to be replaced annually. This warranty includes parts and on site labour necessary for the repair.

Spa water quality and other damages resulting from water imbalance are specifically not covered by this warranty.

Warranty work must be completed by authorized Arctic Spas retailers only.

When an Arctic Spa is retrofitted with the Spa Boy system post manufacture, Arctic Spas warrants the Spa Boy components for 12 months from date of installation, providing they have been installed by an Authorised Arctic Spas technician and registered accordingly. No labour warranty is provided by Arctic Spas for retrofitted Spa Boy systems.

Disclaimer: This is not an automatic water care system. The system is set up for typical spa use.

The spa user is ultimately responsible for maintaining proper sanitary water conditions. Use of salt other than Arctic Pure Sea Salt

Blend will damage the Spa Boy components and void the warranty. The Arctic Pure Sea Salt blend has been developed to protect Spa

Boy components from damage and the use of alternative salt blends will be easily detected by technicians.

This warranty may be void if the spa is operated with water salt concentrations outside the recommended level of 2000 to 2500 parts per million (ppm).

Damage to other spa components unrelated to the Spa Boy system as a result of leaking pump seals are specifically not covered by this warranty. For example, heaters, heater barrels, jets, grab rails, pump seals, and pump motors are not covered in this case.