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Arctic Spas are the only hot tubs and pools with SpaBoy, a fully automatic water care system that test and adjusts the water for you. Gone are the days of dipping strips, a teaspoon of this and a cap of that. 

Inline sensors measure the sanitizer level and dose the water as needed. And its salt water based, so your skin feels softer and you dont need to buy or handle harsh chemicals.

Tired of Always Buying Chemicals?

Find out about the amazing Spa Boy here.

Arctic Spas make the only backyard pool designed for all year use in any climate. Now you can swim all year in any weather no matter where you live. 

No more shutting down the pool for winter, no more costly heating bills, and with SpaBoy water care, maintenance is much easier.

Find out about Arctic Spas Pool Range here.

Swimming Pools Made For All Year Use?

Arctic Spas are made for extreme climates. They are more efficient, more comfortable, and easier to maintain than other brands.

You deserve the best! If you already have a hot tub, let us value you your trade in and give you an amazing deal on a new Arctic Spa. 

Trade in your old hot tub with us here.

See the current offers and upcoming sale events near you. Arctic Spas has showroom locations all over the world and the special offers are continually changing. 

Get in touch with the location near you and find out how to get the best possible deal on a new Arctic Spa right now. 

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