Reclaiming “Mommy Me-Time” — How to Turn Family Hot Tubs into a Source of Relaxation for Mom

by Feb 15, 2012

Burning candles with towels

Most hot tub purchases are made with a family in mind, and it’s not hard to see why: family hot tub parties are amazing ways to bond with your loved ones. I’m as much of a fan of family spa time as anyone, but I’m also the one monitoring the hot tub chemicals and changing the hot tub filters, right? I say if I’m the one doing most of the upkeep, I’m the one who should be taking the most advantage of all the spa relaxation benefits.

All moms deserve and need a little “me-time’ every now and then (or, if you’re like me, a lot of me-time), and hot tubs and swim spas deliver some of the best mommy me-time around. Here are my four tested-and-approved methods for reclaiming relaxing spas for mommy me-time.

Burning candles with towels



Schedule Your Me-Time in Advance

Tell your husbands. Tell your baby-sitter. Tell those grandparents who’ve been begging for a little more time with their grand babies: on Friday night at 8 p.m., we’re marching out to our hot tub, pulling off the hot tub cover, and spending the night with bubbling water and a good book.

It may seem ridiculous to schedule time to use our spas for relaxation, but if we didn’t, it’s too easy to find reasons not to get away. Putting it on the calendar means I’ve got a firm reason to march past those dirty dishes or unwashed laundry: it’s time to drop all housework and jump in the hot tub.

Throw a Hot Tub Party

Sometimes, “me-time” really translates to “adult-time.” It’s time to reconnect with the grown-ups in your life by throwing a killer spa party.  Why should my girls and I pay for outrageous spa prices when we can have our own personal spa day at home in the hot tub? And ladies, I guarantee you, there’s no better bonding time than a girls-only spa party.

Best of all, spa entertaining is only as stressful as you want it to be. The main attraction is going to be your oh-so-fabulous swim spa or your cedar-paneled hot tubs, so there’s no need for fancy hor d’oeuvres. Just mix up a pitcher of margaritas or plan some hot tub games and you’re all set!

Do a Little Multi-Tasking

As a busy mom, I sometimes feel guilty for spending time on me — with so much to get done, do I really have time for a soak in the hot tub? Knowing that I’m bettering my body and my health while I’m relaxing helps me justify a nightly dose of me-time.

There are plenty of spa health benefits besides pure relaxation. You can lower heart stress, unwind tired muscles, sooth aching arthritis—even lose weight! So instead of jumping on the treadmill, take a soothing soak in the hot tub or do some laps in your swim spa. You’re carving out me-time and improving your body at the same time.