This is how to enjoy an Arctic Spa Hot Tub (Coyote). These were taken in December.  It was snowing fairly heavily but that made the tub that much more enjoyable. – Pat & Kathy N.

Thanks for sending these in! And thanks for letting us use them on our website.

It looks like you know exactly how to enjoy your hot tub. People are often shocked to hear that the best time to enjoy a hot tub is outside in the winter, until they try it. Then they are hooked. In fact, our number one source of sales is through customers who invite their friends over for a winter soak, or from people returning from ski resorts where they sat in the outdoor hot tub after a day of skiing. Seeing it on a TV commercial or newspaper ad doesn’t have nearly the same effect.

Thanks again Pat & Kathy!

Pat drinking a beer in a hot tub in winter   Pat drinking a beer in a hot tub   Pat pouring a beer in a hot tub in winter