Arctic Kingdom’s Hot Tub of Choice – The Tundra Legend Select from Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas has built a reputation on the sturdiest, strongest, most climate-resistant hot tubs on the planet. Our spas and hot tubs feature go-anywhere capability, thanks to features like our patented Forever Floor and Mylovac covers. Satisfied customers all throughout

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How Much Does It Cost to Own and Maintain a Hot Tub?

What’s the Reason People Buy a Hot Tub? Hint: It’s More Than One Reason. Just a few generations ago, hot tubs and spas were considered a true luxury item, something only to be enjoyed on vacation, at a heath retreat

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Your Hot Tub’s Temperature: How Hot is Hot Enough?

What’s the temperature of your hot tub right now? Don’t worry, you don’t have to look right at this moment. (Although, if you have an Arctic Spas hot tub integrated with Spa Boy or our other online monitoring tools, you

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Timetabling a Hot Tub: How Proficient Power Management Saves on Operating Costs

Proper power management of your hot tub – a process known as “timetabling” within the hot tub & spa community – is an important factor in keeping your electricity bill and operating costs as low as possible. Thanks for advanced

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Don’t Have Room for a Hot Tub? Guess Again – Ways To Make It Fit!

Everyone loves a hot tub. But not everyone has acres of backyard space to install one. Many would-be purchases have been delayed or derailed by simple logistics; “I’d love a hot tub or spa at my house, but unfortunately, we

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Winter is Coming…Time to Host an Epic Spa Party

The onset of winter weather sends most people inside, but not Arctic Spas hot tub owners! Our spas and hot tubs are built to withstand extreme weather and thrive in cold environments. When winter arrives, party season is just warming

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5 Animals that Love Hot Tubs

Arctic Spas creates world-class hot tubs – for people. We specialize in creating a relaxing, rejuvenating environment, even in harsh winter climates. But don’t think for a minute that we’re the only species lucky enough to de-stress and decompress in

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Dear friends and hard-working staff of Arctic Spas


From time to time I call in and hear that numbers are up, and all of you are working harder, longer days and weeks to please all of your dealers and customers around the world. In May I was happy

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Hot Tubs: Worth the Investment?

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Purchasing a hot tub is a big decision, with many unknown variables involved. The investment factor definitely plays an important role, and that’s reflected in the feedback and interaction from Arctic Spas customers. Some of the most common questions we

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Arctic Spas – The One and Only Cold Climate Hot Tub


Cold weather usually spells doom for most hot tubs and spas. But not Arctic Spas. Forged in the winter wonderland of Canada’s Alberta province, our spas are made to thrive in cold, snowy climates – because they have to! While

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Arctic Spas | USA
Arctic Spas | USA