Must Have Accessories for an Enjoyable Hot Tub Experience

by Sep 25, 2011

hot tub accessories

When it comes to having the perfect hot tub experience, remember there’s more to it than just the tub. Choosing the right accessories to go with it can really make a difference. Some will make the experience more enjoyable, while others will save you time and let you relax in the water for longer.

Here are some ideas on how you can make a great experience even better.


Once you have these accessories, you may never want to leave the tub again!

Hot Tub Accessories

More Entertainment

It’s nice to just relax in the water and take in your surroundings, but what happens when there’s a big game on you don’t want to miss? With a large, waterproof flat screen television mounted close to the tub, all you’ll need to do it hit the remote.

And when the big game isn’t on, how about playing other games with your hot tub buddies? Waterproof cards, along with simple memory games and dozens of others are often available in waterproof or water resistant versions. And don’t forget the more relaxing entertainment you can get from a good book or magazine.

Food and drinks go hand-in-hand with having a great time, but getting in and out to serve your guests can be a pain. To make serving more convenient (not to mention fun), get yourself a floating minibar and some serving trays. Don’t forget to prepare as much as you can ahead of time so you get to enjoy it as well. (Having a bar fridge installed nearby can help, too.)

Making Your Soak Safer and More Efficient

Lying in your hot tub is nice, but it’s even nicer when you’re lying in your hot tub under the stars. This means you’ll need lighting. Spotlights are okay, but just imagine lying in the water while the reflections of strings of patio lights, decorative ground lights and colored lighting dancing on the surface of the water.

Hot tub covers are essential to help prevent evaporation, heat loss, and water contamination so make sure you invest in a high quality cover to ensure the longevity of your tub!

Scents, and other additives are also nice extras. Just make sure they’re approved by your tub’s manufacturer.

Don’t Forget The Tub’s Surroundings

Accessories for outside the tub are just as important. Towel warmers and storage are an absolute must. You may also need benches, seating, tables, and stairs, depending on where your hot tub is located and how it was installed. Keep everyone’s safety in mind (including yours) — make sure you have secure railings and non-slip surfaces where needed. They should also be coated and treated to withstand the moisture.

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor hot tub, the accessories you choose can make the world of difference. So, make a list of all the things you enjoy while relaxing, and then customize your tub to meet those needs. Before you know it, your little piece of heaven will turn into a Utopian paradise.