Kids LOVE the new Hot Tub says David Brewster, OWSI, CPL

by Feb 2, 2012

Kids in a hot tub

In case anyone is interested; we’ve used a RAM Mount to hold the iPad (there’s a spot PERFECT for it on the Klondike). Given the low volume on the iPad we use a Bose Bluetooth and rechargeable speaker that sits on shelf we put up in the Gazebo (which gets around the no electrical close to the hot tub building codes).

So with the iPad/Speak setup we have access to all our music and movies within our iTunes library; as well as netflix. We literally spent hours in the tub this first weekend watching movies and listening to music. And with Apple’s “Face Time” on the iPad, the kids had a ball video chatting with Grandma (who lives 1400km away from us) as they splashed around the hot tub with Mom and Dad.

David Brewster, OWSI, CPL

President, PunkStar Studios Inc.


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