Just a Spoon Full of Family Fun in the Hot Tub

by Feb 11, 2012

spoon family fun hot tub

Let’s admit it, sometimes is seems impossible to find family fun time that pleases everyone and doesn’t break the bank. With our lives expanding on a daily basis, getting the family together and away from work, school, activities, and electronics is more important than ever. Family hot tub parties are a great way to spend time together that the kids won’t find boring – it will just be plain ol’ fun!



It Starts With the Hot Tub and Ends With Fun

Hot tubs in the backyard are an ideal gathering place for the family. Even young children will enjoy some time in the tub with supervision. Check the water temperature carefully, add in some fun family spa games and bring back a simpler time when spending the evening with the family was exciting and fun. The little ones will enjoy floating spa animals like ducks, penguins, and whales. Teenagers will love a floating table and plastic cards for an evening of poker or rummy. Mom and dad will enjoy it all.

Kick Up the Heat a Notch – Figuratively Speaking

Many times, kids just aren’t interested in an evening with mom and dad – even if it does involve a hot tub. This is especially true with tween and teenagers, so taking it up a notch is important. Families with teenagers should absolutely add in a spa radio for some tunes. Snacks and soda are another requirement – especially for growing teenagers. Make an evening of it with a cook-out and games or a movie.

Keeping’ It Real, Real Safe

Remember that hot tubs are fun and safe, but only when treated with respect. Make sure that children are always supervised. If toddlers are being introduced to the hot tub, adjust the heat settings accordingly, which doctors recommend to be between 90 and 100 degrees. Spa accessories are a fun addition to the tub, but remember to use them as recommended and to remove them from the spa once the party ends.

Quality time with the family can also be fun time. Enjoy an afternoon or evening with the kids in the comfort of your family spa. Let go of the stress of every day life and reconnect the family – if only for a few hours.