Installing and using a hot tub only make up half the equation. Not only should your indoor hot tub be a treat to the body, but it should also be a treat to the eyes. Here are some ideas you can use to make your indoor hot tub a wonderful experience for all of your senses.

Get the Color Right

Don’t underestimate the impact color can have on your ability to relax, even in a hot tub. Some ancient cultures used color to help heal certain ailments. Chromotherapy or colourology are used even today in alternative and holistic health treatments. Experts in these healing treatments believe different colors have distinct effects on the body and mood. Here are a few:

  • Red – stimulates circulation
  • Yellow – stimulates nerves
  • Orange – increases energy levels
  • Blue – soothes pain
  • Indigo – treats skin problems

This is just a small example of how color is sometimes used in different therapies. Studies have shown color can have a transitory effect on mood, but every little bit helps after a long, stressful day. Consider using shades of blue to prompt feelings of calmness and serenity.

Hot tub integrated to the home interior

Use Furniture for a Comfy Feel

You have a lot more furniture options with an indoor hot tub than an outside one, but don’t let that stop you. For both locations, you can install loungers, tables, and chairs for before and after the experience, transforming the space into a cozy little retreat.

Just remember the tub gives off a lot of moisture, so certain measures need to be taken to minimize the risk of mildew. You may even want to select furniture made materials specifically designed for high humidity situations. Before you place a chaise, table or bench, check with the manufacturer for any special instructions on how to care for it in this kind of environment.

More Suggestions for a Beautiful Indoor Hot Tub Area

Other suggestions for making your hot tub space more beautiful are to install shelving for towels and candles. Ambient lighting can also add a lot to a peaceful and stress-relieving atmosphere. Appeal to all your sense when arranging your hot tub oasis by using scented oils in diffusers or if allowed by the manufacturer, in the water. Set up a small sound system so you can enjoy some nice relaxing tunes. And don’t forget the books or movies!

Everyone needs a place to regroup and recharge, and although a hot tub is definitely a step in the right direction, it also includes making the area around your tub as beautiful as possible. By utilizing color, aromas and other small changes, you can make your area so lovely you may not ever want to leave it.