Hot Tub Tailgating: Planning the Perfect Game Day Hot Tub Party

by Feb 13, 2012

hot tub game day party

Three things heat up when the weather cools down: politics, hot tubs, and football season.

Though an Election Day spa party doesn’t exactly sound like a roaring good time, what could be better than spending Game Day in a hot spa? Grab some hot wings, chill the beer and tell your fellow football fans to bring their suits: it’s time to plan the ultimate Spa Game Day Party.

hot tub game day party

Step One: Get the TV

You’ll either need to bring the big-screen outside or invest in an outdoor television in order to view the big game from your spa. Some hot tubs and swim spas even come with in-spa speakers, so there’s no need to strain to hear the crowd’s cheers. Interested in investing in in-spa speakers? Call your local spa retailer—oftentimes, a professional can come out to your house and install one directly into your spa.

Step Two: Gather the Supplies

You’ll need coolers or ice buckets stocked with refreshments within arm’s reach of your hot tub. Be sure to decorate your deck or home and garden spas with plenty of decorations in your team’s colors. Forgo the traditional game day jersey for an official team swimsuit; you’ll find plenty at the Official NFL store. Surprise your guests with robes in your team colors.

Step Three: Fire up the Grill

Designate one person as the Grillmaster or take turns with shifts on the BBQ. Either prepare all of the food ahead of time or grill up half during the pre-game show and half during halftime. Burgers, sausage, wings, hot dogs, steaks—go wild and design your perfect tailgating menu.

Slow-cooked barbecue and hot sandwiches make good alternatives to grilling fare. For optimum guest enjoyment, place the food as close to your hot tub or swim spa as possible. If you plan on hosting spa parties often, consider investing in a wraparound bar with bar stools for your spa.

Step Four: Welcome Your Guests…and Relax

The best part about spa entertaining? Once you prep the food and drinks, your job’s done. The game and the hot tub are the main attractions, so there’s no need to worry about playing host and hostess. All the hard work is done as soon as you welcome your guests, so sink into your spa and enjoy the game.

There’s no better way to celebrate a victory than with a dip in your spa… and a long, hot soak is almost relaxing enough to make you forget a tough loss.