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7-8 Person Hot Tub

Hot Tub Arctic Spas Tundra Hot tub Model Tundra Find out more about this hot tub
Capacity 7
Jets up to 75
Pumps 1,2,3 or 5
Price Range $$$
Hot Tub Arctic Spas Summit Hot tub Model Summit XL Find out more about this hot tub
Capacity 9
Jets up to 75
Pumps 3 or 5
Price Range $$$$

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For year-round fun, super-sized socializing and optimum capacity, our 7-8 person hot tubs are unrivaled for smart design, lasting value and easy maintenance. Imagine your own relaxing retreat, right in your own backyard. Better yet, imagine no more! Arctic Spas has helped thousands of customers turn than dream into a reality with our 8 person portable spas and 7-8 person hot tubs – all with the ease of use and convenience that most people wouldn’t expect for such large hot tubs.

A 7 person hot tub, large spa or eight person hot tub from Arctic Spas includes:

  • Forever Floor™ technology – a fiberglass composite floor that’s versatile enough for level ground; no block, concrete or extra support required!
  • Western Red Cedar construction – this natural, beautiful and durable wood is native to Canada and provides lasting appeal and added strength to all of our 7 and 8 person hot tubs.
  • Heatlock® insulation system – maintains optimal water temperature, regardless of outside climate. Plus, it helps keeps pumps from freezing in winter power outages. Bottom line: you save more money all year round!
  • And many other top-quality features. Click here to view more!

If you’re in the market for an 8 person spa or an 8 person hot tub, look no further than Arctic Spas. We’ve been a true market innovator since our inception in 1994, and our cutting-edge advancements – everything from the aforementioned Forever Floor and the extra durable, incredibly strong Mylovac® covers – ensure that your 7-8 person hot tub is just as much a wise investment as it is a place to relax and unwind.

8 Person Hot Tubs

7-8 Person Hot Tubs to Accommodate Everyone Comfortably

Like our other hot tubs, each seven and eight person hot tub from Arctic Spas offers web-connected controls, so you’re always in control, no matter where you happen to be! The user-friendly interface allows you to set and maintain water temperature, control the Onzen filtration system, turn pumps on and off, manage power configurations and much more! Arctic Spas makes managing and maintaining your 7 person hot tub or 8 person hot tub intuitive and fun. And with our new Spa Boy®™ control, all aspects of your hot tub’s water chemical composition can be both controlled and monitored from anywhere, with the click of a mouse.

Here’s another great thing about an eight person hot tub from Arctic Spas – even if you’re in a “solo mode” the extra room is an added luxury! Ask anyone who’s ever owned a hot tub, and one of the unexpected benefits of a large 7 person or 8 person model is the extra elbow room. The flexibility and convenience with a larger size hot tub is hard to overstate; it’s easy to downscale from a large party to a relaxing afternoon, thanks to the spacious dimensions afforded by an 8 person portable spa!

Want to learn more, or maybe see a 7 person hot tub or 8 person spa in person to check out all the features? Please visit our dealer locator page for the closest store – we have dozens of outlets all across the U.S., UK and Canada – or send us a secure message. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks for considering Arctic Spas for your next large hot tub or spa!