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Hot Tub Filters

Not all hot tub filters are the same! Using an inferior filter wastes time and money. You do not have to waste time cleaning foul-looking filters and you do not need to waste money buying filter cleaning chemicals. New disposable spa filters are available that filter better and can be recycled after use.

Silver Sentinal Disposable Hot Tub Filters

Silver Sentinal hot tub filters are made from hundreds of layers of porous polypropelene (the same material as plastic drink bottles). The water is filtered each time it travels through a layer, and each layer captures a smaller particle. This means you can filter more stuff out of your hot tub water in less time. The filter typically works for 3 months then it is simply tossed in the recycle bin. No more cleaning! No more buying hot tub filter cleaner! Considering the time saved and the decrease in the amount of chemicals needed, the cost of Silver Sentinal filters is less than typical pleated paper spa filters.

Silver Sentinal disposable hot tub filters are compatible with most hot tubs. There are hundreds of different sizes so the best way to make sure it will fit is to bring your old filter to one of our retail stores.

Filter Silver Sentinel

Beware of discount spa filters!

Big chain stores often sell cheap spa filters but these are usually low quality pleated paper filters that require frequent cleaning. Considering the extra time and expense of cleaning chemicals these filters are not saving you any money. Try a Silver Sentinal disposable filter to save time and money.