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Hot Tub Installation

Hot tub installation usually requires specialized moving equipment and at least two experienced technicians. In most cases, a crane is not required but this service is also available through any Arctic Spas dealership. Electrical installations (wiring a hot tub) must be done by a licensed electrician. Contact an Arctic Spas dealership near you for a referral to an experienced, licensed electrician.

Free hot tub installation estimates are available from any one of our 300+ hot tub dealerships worldwide. If you have purchased a hot tub online or from another supplier we offer installation services, maintenance advice, hot tub parts & accessories, and repair services.


If you need to call for tech support or to book a service call, please have your spa model name and serial number handy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start-up my hot tub?

These steps must be followed to properly start-up or refill your spa:

  1. Ensure the electrical connections have been made in accordance with the manual.
  2. Ensure all O-Rings have been installed into unions and unions have been tightened sufficiently.
  3. Ensure all ball valves are open, and the drain has been closed.
  4. Fill the spa with water to approximately 4″ above the top of the filter with a garden hose.
  5. Once the spa is filled to the proper level, turn the power to the spa on by turning on the GFCI breaker in your panel. Watch the display on the topside control. After power-up, the display will blink until a key is pressed. This feature is to let you know that there was a power outage.
  6. The jet pump, heating system and all internal plumbing will achieve a partial prime as the spa is filled. To check the operation of the jet system and to remove any remaining air from the heating system, push the JETS button twice for pump 1 and once for pumps 2 and 3 (for Signature series spas, push both JETS 1 and JETS 2 buttons and JETS 3 for Legend series spas) to make the jet pump(s) run on high speed for one minute. Once the jet system is fully operational (as indicated by strong, non-surging jets), priming of the spa is complete. Weak or surging jets are an indication of a low water level condition or clogged filter cartridges.
  7. Adjust the chemicals and balance the water according to your manuals instructions.
  8. Set the temperature control to the desired temperature (between 100°F and 104°F), then place the insulated cover on the spa and allow the water temperature to stabilize (approximately 8 – 16 hours). Make sure you secure the cover in place using the cover locks. Periodically check the spa water temperature.

How long before I can use my new spa?

Depending on which spa you’ve purchased and how large it is, your spa should be up to temperature between 6 and 14 hours later. Balance your chemicals, hop in and enjoy your new lifestyle!

Do I need a crane?

Not usually.

Most installations can be handled with a dolly or other simple equipment and a 2 person delivery team.

However, if access to the site is blocked or difficult, a crane or picker truck might be the only way in. Of course, if you’re putting a spa on a rooftop, high balcony or other difficult to access locations, a crane will have to execute the delivery.

An Arctic Spas representative will have to come to your home and make that determination, so if you have any concerns about the installation be sure let your dealer know.

Do I need to help deliver my hot tub?

You should always consult your dealer or sales person prior to delivery to make sure all goes as smoothly as possible. Our spas are the most solidly built in the industry and range anywhere from 300 – 600 Kilograms. So the more people on hand, the smoother and safer the delivery.

How do we get the hot tub into my garden?

Typically, Arctic Spa dealers deliver your spa on its end using a pneumatic-tire dolly and, in most deliveries, roll it in through the gate. A standard opening, after the gate has been removed, is 40″ wide. Some spas are up to 41″ wide, so make sure to go out and measure to ensure your opening is wide enough.

Otherwise, we’ll look at other options such as removing a section of fence, etc.

Is my chimney, shrubs, tree branches, etc. in the way?

Just use your common sense and map out the route the tub is going to take through the yard and determine whether or not these are problems. Use the dimensions given by your Arctic dealer and check overhanging branches from mature trees and other obstacles.

Your dealer will probably be willing to do a site inspection to ensure a trouble-free delivery.

What do I need to do to prepare the area for the hot tub?

You need a level surface.

This surface has to be firm and solid to prevent uneven settling that can damage the hot tub. Most hot tub warranties require a 4″ reinforced concrete pad, but not Arctic.

With an Arctic spa, the base preparation is quite simple. You just need to be sure that the site is sufficiently firm and level. Our spas have a fiberglass “Forever Floor” that gives you the option of placing the spa on the lawn or even right on the ground.

Popular options for Arctic hot tubs include pavers, sidewalk blocks, timbers, washed rock, and commercial spa pads. Any of these will provide a level, solid, well-drained surface for your new spa.

Is it okay that the electrician drilled a hole in the hot tub cabinet?

When the electrician hooked up the power cable from the spa to the GFCI outdoor pony panel he did so by going through a “toonie” sized hole (slightly larger than the size of the cable) in the cabinet to the lower left of the spa motor access door.

I don’t recall noticing a “knockout” in the cabinet so I am assuming that he drilled this hole himself.

Two questions:

  1. Was this the way that wiring access was supposed to be gained to the inside of the cabinet? If not, how was it supposed to have been done? I have looked through the owner’s manual and it doesn’t seem to refer to how the wire should be run, just that it should be done by a certified electrician (which he was).
  2. Regardless of the answer to question 1, what’s done is done. Will this hole affect the insulation properties of the Heatlock system? Should I be attempting to somehow fill/insulate around cable/hole?

We don’t designate an area for electrical connection through the wall of the spa because it is a different location in every application. Your electrician followed a standard method for bringing in the power and a properly sized hole will not affect the insulation efficiency of your tub. However, it is a good idea to fill the gap with fiberglass or foam insulation. Fiberglass can just be stuffed into the hole with a pencil or stick.

If you use expandable foam, applied from either inside or outside, remember that it expands considerably; don’t try to fill the hole completely– a tiny squirt is more than enough!

If possible, drill the cable hole in the side-wall of the floor instead of the cabinet wall. The lower lip of the spa hides the cable more and it looks a bit better.

How Do I Wire A Hot Tub To The Electrical Source?

Wiring a hot tub should only be done by a certified electrician. This is required by law in the United States and Canada. Every Arctic Spas dealership can refer you to an electrician who has experience wiring hot tubs. Even if you have not purchased a hot tub from us, we invite you to contact us for free advice and to introduce you to the line up of hot tub accessories, supplies and services we offer.

Here is an illustrated example of a typical hot tub electrical installation. This is strictly for reference only; wiring a hot tub should be completed by a certified electrician. Most of our hot tubs require a 50 amp ground fault protected circuit breaker, but there are other options. The amperage draw of each model varies by specification, input voltage, and components in use. Contact a us or a dealer near you for more information.