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Hot Tub Decks

Getting ready for a new hot tub? Trying to plan to put it in a deck or get that in ground hot tub look? When building a deck for your new hot tub, there are a few important things to consider. First, will you be able to access your hot tub in case one of the components or plumbing needs service? Consider that a leaky hose or jet far from your main equipment is unlikely but very possible. Do you want to dismantle a large portion of your deck to allow the service tech to get to it? Make sure you allow access to all sides of your hot tub through a crawl space or removable section of deck.

Also, make sure you build your deck with enough structural support to withstand the weight of a hot tub full of people and water.  You can see the weight calculations for the different hot tub models we offer here in our owner manual.

Here is a good little video showing one popular method for building in access for a hot tub into a deck: