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Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Shopping for fiberglass swimming pools often ends up at a swim spa showroom. The numerous benefits make swim spas a much superior choice in many cases. Premium brand swim spas deliver all of the benefits of a small swimming pool as well as year round enjoyment and much lower running costs and less maintenance. With a premium brand such as Arctic Spas, physical beauty does not have to be sacrificed for the additional benefits a swim spa offers.

The false perception of lower cost often makes shoppers consider fiberglass above ground pools over swim spas. In reality, premium swim spas are less expensive to run and easier to maintain than traditional above ground pools. Arctic Spas brand swim spas enclose all of the equipment in an insulated exterior cabinet that recycles waste heat and is easily accessible if repairs are ever needed.

Kids having fun in an All Weather Pool
Rowing woman in an All Weather Pool

Should I Buy a Fiberglass Pool Kit?

Why DIY a fiberglass pool using a cheap kit when you can buy a complete swim spa for the same price, or less? Digging a hole and installing the pool equipment in a remote unprotected area has serious disadvantages over a self-contained swim spa. Arctic Spas offers a range of premium swim spas at very competitive prices that make fiberglass pool kits redundant.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Prices

Fiberglass swimming pool prices are often much higher than swim spa prices. The excavating costs involved in installing a traditional swimming pool are often more than the total cost of a self contained swim spa. Now, with premium swim spa brands becoming available, physical beauty does not have to be sacrificed for practicality and function.