Hot Tub Entertaining: Childcare Swap for Relaxed Moms

by Feb 14, 2012

Woman relaxing in a hot tub

It’s Tuesday afternoon and it is finally time for the moms to get a much needed break. Gathering together, they spend a few hours relaxing in a hot tub, enjoying good company, good friends, and good food. Even better, there is nary a child in sight, but each mom knows that their kids are having as much fun as they are, because this group of smart modern moms have the ultimate mom relaxation plan – a hot tub childcare swap party.

Woman relaxing in a hot tub

Where There’s a Will, There’s Relaxation

Even the best moms get overtired and frustrated. Raising a family takes a lot of energy and sometimes it seems like there just isn’t enough to go around. Whether you stay at home or work, child care is hard — rewarding, but hard. To make matters worse, it is often difficult to find that alone time to rest and relax. One of the best ways to get that break each week is by working with other moms to develop a sort of ‘swap’ schedule, allowing all the moms in the group to get that time to recharge. It’s even better when there is a hot tub involved.

Hot tubs provide ideal relaxation for moms. Warm waters, pulsating jets, and good friends are the recipe for some much needed R&R. While slipping into a hot tub solo can be relaxing, it is so much better with a group of friends.

How to Plan a Party for the Moms

Planning a childcare swap party for a swim spa or tub is simple.

  • Pick a day each week all of the moms are available
  • Choose which mom has babysitting duty for each meeting
  • Send the kids off with the designated sitter while the rest relax in the hot tub

Have each mom bring a snack, desert, or drink to make it easy on the hostess. The mom with babysitting duty can plan a fun activity or project for the kids, making it a win/win for everyone. Next week, a different mom takes her turn with the kids, so everyone gets a chance to loosen up.

Relaxing in the hot tub with friends might very well be the most perfect form of spa entertaining. Moms get a chance to unwind and talk with adults, kids get to play with their friends, and everyone is happier and more relaxed because of it. Start planning a hot tub party today and see if you don’t agree.