About the Grillhouse


Grillhouse™ from Arctic Spas are the newest way to entertain guests and enjoy the outdoors. Quickly growing in popularity these chic grilling huts bring the indoors, outdoors and provide a fun gathering place for cooking and socializing. The weather may not always cooperate or permit for a perfect day spent outside, but an Arctic Spas Grillhouse™makes for an ultimate outdoor retreat offering comfort, practicality and style. There’s nothing like it.


Having originated in Scandinavia, these huts were designed for a climate which had short summers and very long winters. They were built from Finnish pine, durable enough to support its inhibitors during below zero temperatures.


Designed like a wooden cabin, the Arctic Spas Grillhouse™ are built from pine trees with an unfinished exterior that can be painted or stained to your liking. The double glazed windows offer efficient insulation during the colder months but remain functional in the warmer months to allow air flow. Inside, you will find a temperature controlled grill to smoke and BBQ food, circled around removable lap tables and plenty of seating. The internal wood floor decking allows for easy clean up and is scratch resistant. The foam-padded benches within the cabin can be converted into beds for over-night camp outs any time of the year.

Other uses:

The Arctic Spas Grillhouse™ was designed to be a multipurpose, multi-functional room. The overhead chimney vent is can be adjusted up and out of the way, the grill can be removed from the hut, and the space can be used as an office, kids play area, dog house, secure storage room, sleeping bunker and more.


Grillhouse™ products are currently in-stock and available to be seen and ordered today. Find your local dealer and ask about delivery and professional installation for quick and easy set-up!