Firmware Technical Service Bulletin

by May 7, 2013

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This is a technical service bulletin about firmware revision 2.02.0002

This was a necessary update to keep us moving toward our 2014 goal of being able to monitor your spa from anywhere in the world and have the apps work not just at your home, but anywhere!

With this update you MUST update BOTH the app and the spa pack at the same time.  If you update to the new app it will not work with the spa pack until you update the pack firmware.  If you update the pack firmware without updating the app, the old app will not control the spa until you do.

The new 2.02.0002 firmware is embedded in the app – but to go from 1.32 to 2.02 using the app will take up to an hour.  Moving forward (from 2.02 and above) to upgrade using the app will take just a few minutes.  If you want to use a usb stick to upgrade here is a refresher for how to do this:

To Upgrade the software:

1.  Put the file on a usb stick (make sure its on the main page – not in a folder within the stick)
2.  Plug the usb stick into the processor card on the spa pack
3.  Green and yellow lights will start flashing, wait until the yellow light goes out and just solid green is there (takes 40 seconds or so)
4.  Unplug the usb stick and recycle the power
5.  Green and Yellow lights will flash again and spa will boot-up with the new software

*The latest software is located on this page: Software

There is a video here: How to

Unfortunately if your spa was logged in to the home network – you must re-establish that connection.

Using an Iphone

Using an Android

You will need to set your home router to wireless channel “6”.  Below are some videos for some popular routers:

Using a dlink router

Using a linksys router

Using an Apple router