Family Time in an Arctic Spa

by Jun 25, 2024

I have often been asked by my clients, “What caused you to buy a spa?” For me, the reason was simple; uninterrupted family time.

 As a single mom of 3 boys, I found it easy to be involved in my children’s lives when they were young. However, as they turned into independent teenagers it became increasingly difficult to maintain the same level of inclusion in their daily activities. Suddenly, I wasn’t their go-to person for everything. As their time became split between friends, school, and sports, I found myself missing the involvement I previously had in their day to day lives.

And, I know I’m not the only parent who feels this way. With distractions from video games, cell phones, social media, hobbies, chores, and a variety of other time consuming commitments, it’s easy to find yourself with little to no time left for those you want to spend it with most; your family.

I realized that if I didn’t quickly find a way back into my kids’ lives, I might not be given the chance to again. I wanted to be included in their plans, to know about their day, to hear who their friends were, and to celebrate what level of their favorite video game they were on. It was important to me, but I had lost my kids’ attention. I found myself isolated from them, no longer their friend, but simply their parent.

Like many other families, I received one word answers to my questions about their days. The doors to their rooms were shut for longer and longer time periods. And, if we did sit down to eat a meal together, their attention was consumed by their phones and the latest online trends. I knew I needed to provide a space that allowed my children to relax, connect, and find joy outside of their screens. What better way to do that than with the help of an Arctic Spa!

When I told my kids that I was purchasing a hot tub in an attempt to foster a stronger relationship within our family, they immediately asked me if we were going to be getting a massive, All-Weather Pool. Even though they originally wanted more space between us, I informed them that we would be getting a cozy, Custom series spa; the Cub. With two captain chairs, one shuttle seat, and a full contour lounger, this spa’s comfortable floor plan would be perfect for our little family.

The rules of the spa were simple, and non-negotiable. For two evenings every week, everyone would connect for one hour with no phones or distractions. This way we could talk, laugh, and truly communicate with each other. The results were magical.

Not only were my kids opening up about their daily activities, friends, school, and work, but our spa also provided a space to participate in more meaningful conversations as well. Soon enough we were discussing plans for their future, long-term goals, and all of their hopes and dreams. I learned so much about my kids during our Family Nights, they even began telling me their secrets from childhood (jokes on them, I already knew about every time they had snuck out or fibbed when they were little)! This was turning into the best purchase I had ever made!

Our Cub spa didn’t only benefit my children, it also taught me accountability and balance. There were several times where I would be busy doing work after supper, or wanted to simply shut off my mind and lay on the couch to watch my favorite shows for hours on end. But, my children were always there to remind me about the Family Night commitment we had all made. I soon realized that the nights I wanted to skip out on were the nights that we connected the most.

Above all else, I know that this spa was a perfect decision for my family when I look out to see my children lounging in the hot tub without me, laughing together, bonding, and making memories with each other. Even outside of my encouragement for connection, our Cub has created an environment that my kids want to be in with one another.

So, when I’m asked, “What caused you to buy a spa?” I respond with, “uninterrupted family time.” But, in reality, our hot tub has given us so much more than that. Bringing my family together while I still can has created memories that I would have otherwise missed out on, memories that I will carry with me for years to come.

So, now that you know why I bought a spa, what’s your main reason for wanting one?

Asia Cameron

I have been an Arctic Spas® employee for just under ten years, moving my way from the Parts Department, to Administration, to Sales, and then onto the Dealer Development Representative Team. Outside of helping families find their perfect spa, I love traveling, hiking, catching up on the latest movie releases, and getting lost in a great mystery novel. If I’m not doing one of those hobbies, I’m probably spending time with my dogs, or checking in on the rescue puppy I sponsor in Mexico!

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