Hot Tubs Engineered for the World’s Harshest Climates

The Arctic Spas® Exclusive acrylic line.

Dakota and Kalahari from Aristech are unique in that they are textured surfaces.

Not only do they hide minor scratches much better than smooth surfaces, but they do provide a little more traction – a nice peace of mind when children or those who aren’ t moving so smoothly are considered.

These two surfaces are exclusive to Arctic Spas®.

Arctic Spas KALAHARI


Arctic Spas DAKOTA


A surface you can feel comfortable resting against.

Every Custom and Classic Series Arctic Spas® is available in five beautiful shell colors (some textured) and four for Core Series, so you can choose the perfect match to your lifestyle and decor.

Arctic Spas ESPRESSO


Arctic Spas Espresso


Arctic Spas ESPRESSO

Platinum Swirl

Bio-Lok microbe shield


In addition to Aristech Acrylics’ excellent gloss and color retention, our Bio-Lok™ surfaces are naturally impervious to microbes, without the need of added chemicals.

The non-porous nature of Aristech’s Bio-Lok sheet defends against the penetration and growth of microorganisms on its surface.

Bio-Lok hot tubs are shielded against microbes, easy-to-clean, durable, and do not contain any anti-microbial chemicals, pesticides or similar additives.