Eco Pak Firmware Update Version 1.30

by Apr 10, 2012

eco pak label

Attached is a new version of software (1.30) to replace the existing revision 1.20.1

The new firmware contains some new safety features and some improvements to operation.

New Safety Features:

– Pump 1 runs on low speed for 60 seconds (was 20) before the heater is switched on. This is to help protect the heater in the event of air-locks, or improperly adjusted pressure switches.
– The hi-limit protection probe will now cut out the heater before 119ºF if the temperature inside the heater is rising too quickly. If this status is triggered “OtH” is displayed on the topside; the heater is disengaged and will cool down for one minute. The pump will then shut off for 5 seconds (to make sure the pressure switch opens), then start the heat cycle again.


– Filtration now suspends during the Ground Fault Test Mode.
– In the case of a power outage the Filtration/Ozone/Onzen will start on the next scheduled start time
– Ground Fault Test Mode now works correctly when Ozone is installed
– Temperature offset available

An update to the iOS app has been done and submitted to the app store. It should be out late this week/early next depending on how busy the App store is. The Android version will be released at a later date.