Dear friends and hard-working staff of Arctic Spas

by Nov 2, 2016

Men staying on the covered hot tub in the winter
From time to time I call in and hear that numbers are up, and all of you are working harder, longer days and weeks to please all of your dealers and customers around the world.

In May I was happy to enjoy the 15 year anniversary celebration of the Thorsby factory with several other dealers after the advisory meeting. The weather was nice, good food, and there were several great speeches – even the mayor of Thorsby was there to throw glitter and gloss over the jubilee. After I came home to Norway, I realized I had just lost my biggest opportunity to thank each and every one of you for good work and the fantastic effort you show every day.

So this is a letter to say thank’s to all of you!
First of all, I want to say thank you for all the extra effort you show every day to keep this “big ship moving” It is appreciated by all of us – Arctic Spas, all their dealers and all our end customers around the world.

Couple looking at the sunset in the swim spa

I have been with Arctic Spas for many years now, and god knows we have had some challenges. Our service technicians have been more than busy from time to time, and we have complained to Darcy, Dennis and the rest of their team on all occasions in the most cruel way a true Viking can do it. – Sorry guys……. But it looks like it worked :)

When I look back over the last few years, I feel we have complained less and less, and there is only one reason – There is not much to complain about anymore. The general quality is better than ever. When we unwrap the spas for PDI they are nice and clean, and without any leaks – It’s f****** FANTASTIC!

SO A BIG THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU for making us the best spa in the world. It is the true Bentley of our industry – Without a doubt, the best built spas for the world’s harshest climate. I am for sure very proud to be an Arctic Spas dealer, and I do hope you are as proud to make them, because you do really deserve to wake up every morning with that good feeling of pride.

When you are listening to this, we have just ended our first day of a big home show in Bergen this weekend, and I will get myself a good Norwegian beer or two and toast to you!

So, – Thank you again, and please enjoy a good pizza lunch, – it is well deserved.
I also wish you all a good weekend – Take care.

arctic spas jostein strommeSincerely
Jostein Strømme
Spabutikken Polarbad and Arctic Spas Vest as
Arctic Spas Norway